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Thursday, August 18, 2011

In the summer of 1978 in Leningrad, one of the libraries I recites
literature on superconductivity. To rest in between looking through a
popular magazine Technology towards the youth, where he met with a
series of Stormer.
My version of the interpretation of these series can be seen on the
website http://henadzifilipenka.blogspot.com
After that I became interested in the alleged electronic structures of
materials and decided to try to describe them mathematically. But for
this, I thought it was necessary to know at least why we already know
Fcc (face-centered cubic) or GEK (hexagonal) crystallize that way rather
than another.
Along the way, I was interested and nuclear properties of elements and
correct filling of the chemical elements of the periodic table.
In 1991 I completed the long version of the periodic table as follows,
which is required to maintain law Mendeleev four new elements after the
lanthanides and actinides. But there was a "beautiful" as Einstein would
  Look at the website:http://tableelements.blogspot.com/
Jobs On the problem of Crystal Metallic Lattice in the densest packings
of chemical elements in Russian, is located at:
Оригинал: http://lib.izdatelstwo.com/Papers/1.174.pdf

This work from 1996 I translated in English.


It turned out that these studies are useful for nano technology.

 P.S.All these works were performed at home in their spare time.

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